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New Product 2024


hard edge changdeng

(01/06/2024 China Debut)"The Hard Edge" series bench is a unique piece of furniture that combines modernism with traditional elements, continuing the design philosophy of the series by cleverly unifying form and function, showcasing a perfect blend of minimalist aesthetics and practicality.The bench's support structure features a combination of two wide legs and two slender legs, providing a stable yet dynamic visual effect. The distinctive red tube adds a modern touch and enhances stability, serving as a highlight in the design. Additionally, the inclusion of four thin tubes adds a sense of agility to the overall shape, with angled cuts that evoke the charm of traditional Chinese eaves, cleverly integrating traditional elements.The overall design is sleek and vibrant, with the contrast between black and red adding visual impact, suitable for various modern interior spaces. Whether as a focal point in the living room or as practical furniture in the entrance area, the bench achieves a perfect balance.The "Hard Edge" series bench is not just furniture but also an art piece, embodying the pursuit of perfect harmony between form and function. Combining modern design aesthetics with traditional elements, it is ideal for those seeking a unique style and high-quality living.
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