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New Product 2024


hard edge bianji

(01/06/2024 China Debut)The "Hard Edge" series of side tables continues the design philosophy of suprematism, seamlessly integrating form and function to present a modern minimalist aesthetic.These side tables feature a unique support structure that combines wide and slender legs, offering both strength and a sense of lightness. The geometric support enhances stability, while the storage shelf in the leg structure adds functionality, making the design more integrated and compact.With a round tabletop and contrasting black and red colors, the side tables exude a modern feel and visual impact. Their sleek design ensures they stand out as a focal point in any environment while maintaining practicality.The "Hard Edge" series of side tables is not just furniture; it's also art. Suitable for various modern interior spaces, these side tables add artistic flair and practicality, making them an ideal choice for those who seek minimalism and modern aesthetics.
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