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New Product 2024


hard edge bazhuo

(01/06/2024 China Debut)The "Hard Edge" series bar table is an outstanding furniture piece inspired by suprematism, characterized by modern design and minimalist structure, showcasing the unique charm of suprematism art.This bar table adopts a minimalist design language, emphasizing the beauty and practicality of the structure by removing all unnecessary decorations. The clean and sleek lines of the tabletop and support create a cold and industrial aesthetic, while ensuring the product's stability and durability. The clever use of geometric shapes in the support structure creates a unique visual effect.In terms of color, the bar table uses a contrasting color scheme of black and red, adding a strong sense of modernity and visual impact. The black vertical lines complement the red horizontal base, symbolizing the perfect combination of strength and balance.The "Hard Edge" series bar table is not just furniture; it is also an art piece. Suitable for various modern interior spaces, it showcases unique charm and functionality. Whether you're a fan of minimalist design or seeking to add artistic flair to your space, this bar table is an ideal choice.
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