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New Product 2024


Edge by Mario Mazzer

(2023 Global Debut) Edge is a state-of-the-art awning that convertsshape and clean design into strong points.What makes it unique is the fact that all mechanicalparts are enclosed in one clean geometric shape, aprism.Shape meets functionality in the opening and closing system of the end profile, which has been specifically designed to be free from any break lines in theside view, with only one line in the front view; the sidesupports have also been designed to minimise theexposed spacers, giving the product this monolithicsense of pure form.Since all awnings require a minimum pitch to guarantee a minimum slope of the fabric in the event ofunexpected rain, the wall-mounted version of Edge isalready designed with a minimum pitch of 3°, without compromising the alignment of edges and frontsides.The awning has a LED strip light installed in the cassette and also in the retractable arms, which guarantees an incredible visual effect when the awning isclosed, while providing effective lighting when open.
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