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New Product 2024


Dishwasher DW60

(01/06/2024 China Debut)As the designated dishwasher brand for the Nobel dinner, ASKO insists on designing household dishwasher products with commercial standards. The DW60 dishwasher, unveiled this time, uses 18.9 stainless steel in all the components in the cavity; three-layer bowl basket with 16 sets of Chinese tableware design, and innovative nine spray zones, which can be rinsed in all angle; UV sterilisation function, which can realise 96 hours of anti-bacteria storage; and detergent auto-dosing function, which can satisfy the washing demand for about one month by adding detergent at a time. The unique and leading design concept and production process can help users quickly free their hands and enjoy a healthy, high-quality, comfortable life.
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