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New Product 2024


CORDEA by Favaretto&Partners Design Studio

(01/06/2024 China Debut)The Cordea collection stems from the desire to reinterpret the classic industrial lamp with an aluminium lamellar head, in a contemporary key from an aesthetic and material point of view, looking for that extra quid ‘up to date’ given precisely by the leather webbing, called, in Venetian dialect, Cordea. The design process allowed several materials to dialogue in a single product. For Cordea lighting collection there are even three materials and production techniques that coexist... turned sheet metal for the luminous body, the company's production DNA, the injection-moulded plastic lamellar head, and the leather band from which it takes its name. Cordea's strong point is that it is a collection with luxurious and warmer finishes and materials, so to have a collection that could cover the widest possible number of spaces. In 2023, Cordea won the Good Design Award, a prestigious international accolade, for the lighting design category.
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