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New Product 2024


Cheers 4 future by PINK

(19/06/2024 China Debut)「Cheers 4 future」 is a derivative series themed around “growth” created by the artist PINK based on earlier work of Dragon D. This series comprises four versions: 「Holding the Winning」, 「Holding the Lucky」, 「Holding the Raise」, and 「Holding the Success」. Holding the Winning A single garlic bulb, which phonetically resembles "算" (calculate) in Chinese, symbolizes having everything under control and holding the winning cards. Holding the Lucky A koi fish, popular in Chinese culture as a symbol of good luck. Holding the Raise An auspicious cloud, representing a steady rise in one's career. Holding the Success A standing horse, where "立马" in Chinese means immediately, symbolizing instant success.
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