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New Product 2024


Carved Landscape Tea Set by Shuang Luo

(01/06/2024 China Debut) Carved Landscape Tea Set attempts to sculpt the form of tea utensils by constructing spaces. The body of the teapot presents the contours of a stepped mountain, with finely replicated rock textures covering the "mountaintop" lid, forming a stark contrast against the smooth "mountainside" in terms of texture. The highest point of the structure also becomes the convergence of visual and tactile experiences. In ancient times, it was a common practice to use Taihu rocks as lid knobs, expressing an awareness of and connection with nature during tea drinking. The mountain stone detail in the design hopes to continue this cultural tradition in tea utensils from a new perspective. The handle, formed by slightly curved lines, is inspired by the strokes in Chinese calligraphy, allowing the user to feel the sense of strength in the structure when gripping it, providing a sense of trust during use. With an overall capacity of 200ml, it is suitable for various types of tea, eliminating the need for frequent water refilling and tea decanting, thereby reducing the ceremonial aspect and allowing tea drinkers to focus more on interpersonal communication, while also creating a more diverse and relaxed experiential ambiance.
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