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New Product 2024


Bamboo Series Lighting by Funi Ding

(01/06/2024 China Debut)Story Since ancient times, many literati and elegant scholars have expressed their feelings and sentiments by comparing things with virtue. As one of the "Four Gentlemen" bamboo. The literati used bamboo as a metaphor for people, and its quietness and elegance as a metaphor for people's nobility, elegance and temperament. The "Bamboo" series of lamps and lanterns are inspired by bamboo culture, giving all the bamboo to the lamps and lanterns, standing in the frost and snow, illuminating the darkness. Warm and elegant, soothe the soul of the hustle and bustle. Product introduction This lamp series has three models. One, with bamboo as the main body, vertical and upright, knotted straight up; The second, with bamboo body lamp post plus linen as the face of the bucket-shaped lampshade; The third, bamboo lamp post with metal arched lampshade. This series of lamps and lanterns are all white, through the spotless pure white, the plain sleeves of the elegant dwellers, just like the backbone, frosty and proud of snow. Plain white artificial silk and hemp, tough, and the bamboo, rather than bending, coincide.
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