Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou has been influenced and accumulated a lot by European culture and travel experience during his studying in Spain. He combines western logic thinking and eastern aesthetics pursuit of life in his design, and reflects the eastern and western modern culture communication in the space due to his deep Chinese cultural heritage feelings. Vermilion Zhou Design Group was founded in 2002 in Shanghai, by Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou, and Vera Chu (Founder/Lighting Design Director). Later joined by, Garvin Hung (Partner/Design Director). Three of them leaded the team accomplished over 600 interior design projects in China and overseas within the decade, and obtained the high reputation. Our projects are including public areas, commercial spaces, hotels, clubhouse, offices and high-end residences.


Design thinking always start from people, have to understand what is the user really need, and then we provide the professional service, the purpose is to provide the better life.