AD China, the authoritative international home and lifestyle magazine, will once again partner with Design Shanghai 2017 to launch the Emerging Chinese Designer Platform. 10 of China’s most influential emerging designers will present their design works under the theme ‘New China Vision’, and compete for the best Emerging Chinese Designer Award at Design Shanghai 2017 in March. The Platform is a key driver in the development of China’s design power, showcasing the innovative yet practical works of the new generation. In this way, Chinese local designers can bring together the cultures of the East and the West, to wisely combine aesthetics, innovation, and function, and truly be internationally recognized.


Designers & Products:

Atelier Errance

Xiang Chen (left) & Weijie Huang

Atelier Errance was founded by designer Weijie Huang and Artist Xiang Chen in France in 2012. The studio is dedicated to the creation of contemporary art and design; focusing on the details of daily life to liberate the inner power of art and design by crossover works.

Atelier Errance


Qiaolin Gong and Weijia Wang

Qiaolin Gong (left) & Weijia Wang

Design duo Qiaolin Gong and Weijia Wang graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2016, attending their China Academy of Art graduation show and London Design Week in the same year. Currently they are postgraduates at the China Academy of Art.

Qiaolin Gong left Weijia Wang 


Wenqiang Li

Wenqiang Li

Wenqiang Li was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province in 1984 and graduated from the China Academy of Art. He works as an interior designer and began to design furniture in 2015.




Daishi Luo

Shiwen Dai received her master degree from SCFAI in 2016 and is now a member of the 2017 Young Artists Residency Program of SCFAI. She researches bronze colouring, studying the innovations presented by this fascinating art form. Her work reveals the beauty of colours developed on bronze, and she uses original techniques to integrate her colourful aesthetic into modern life.




Hard Work Workshop

Hard Work Workshop was established in Oct 2014 by three students who graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. “Hard work” is an attitude - positive and optimistic. The trio never rejects any possibilities, switching their roles between artist, designer, teacher, carpenter, and contractor. Through their work they try to understand life by using materials and technology, to keep practicing and expressing themselves, to solve problems and discover new directions.




Qingtong Qian

Qingtong Qian is the founder and designer of minimaïst. She graduated from Université Paris-Sorbonne and MOD`ART International; creating and launching her Iceland Series of floral containers in 2015. Her works are inspired by mother nature and elegant architecture; using clean lines and splendid colours to enhance the beauty of modern living art.




Siming Qiu

Siming Qiu was born in Zhejiang Province in 1989. After graduating from the China Academy of Art and the Royal College of Art in the UK, he worked at Samuel Wilkinson Studio in London and now he works for Neri & Hu.




Penghao Shan 

 Penghao Shan, the founder of [SHAN], is an Industrial Design Graduate from Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. In the past 5 years he has studied the application of traditional carpentry, metalwork, ceramics and leather in contemporary design. He currently works as a furniture designer in Steelcase Munich Design Center.




Qiang Zeng

Qiang Zeng worked as creative director in several 4A advertising agencies, whose works won many worldwide awards including Cannes Lions. In 2015 he founded independent Chinese furniture brand “Shi Er Shi Man (12 Hours)” and has been involved in the interior design industry since that time.



Yuan Zhou

Yuan Zhou has worked as a fashion editor, stylist and graphic designer since 2005. He founded designer glasses brand CHairEYES in 2008, and his collections can be found in many boutiques. He founded furniture brand Satie in 2015.