Today, can we once again show the most valuable parts of traditional creations? YANG HOUSE is looking for all types of possibilities for innovation in the process of trial and error and deconstructing tradition and constructing the present. The work presented in the exhibition will be the expression of that thought process and the carrier of life aesthetics.


Founded in 1683, Gaggenau is committed to inheriting traditional handicrafts, creating every product with time and spirit for over 3 centuries. The appliances of Gaggenau are not only to meet the demands of people, but to delight them with aesthetic appearance. Gaggenau has devoted to the persevering pursuit of quality life and life aesthetics. The ultimate craftsmanship creates that the difference is Gaggenau.


An ugly design reflects an ugly society. After the partitioning of Chinese design history, the pursuit of contemporary life aesthetics is a reflection of the search for identity recognition within the design field by Chinese people around the world. Gaggenau and YANG HOUSE are willing to apply the perfect design art to demonstrate the persevering exploration into traditional craftsmanship.