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XY Contemporary Art

Stand: 8L01
XY Contemporary Art
Founded in 2012, XY Contemporary Art, as a composite platform for promoting contemporary art, has been involved in a variety of businesses such as art exhibitions, investment and collection, and art IP development over the years. Through organizing exhibition projects, XY Contemporary Art has been working with artists in the ever-changing world art system and seeking cross-disciplinary cooperation. Extremely try and promote the daily use of contemporary art in the public life and social and economic operation, use art to shape and fill the diversified aesthetic needs.The physical space includes Trend Art 1 (Jinbaohui space), Trend Art 2 (Sanlitun Tom Tom Yum Center space) and Contemporary Art Space (FULI space). FULI space, with the meaning of buoyancy and welfare, is an experimental art space under the umbrella of Unknown Art, which tends to pay more attention to sorting out the development of contemporary art in China, focusing on the display of new art practices, and exploring the ways of art occurrence and flux in the new context. Trendy Art Space mainly deals with the works and peripherals of first-tier trendy artists at home and abroad, providing an easy entry point for young collectors who have just entered or want to enter the art field.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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