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Sun at Six

Stand: 1B45
Sun at Six
Antares Yee is a New York City based designer and current Creative Director of Sun at Six, an award-winning contemporary furniture design studio interested in how spaces shape our choices, actions, and mood in everyday life. You can find their work in publications from Architectural Digest to Design Milk and across the world from offices like Netflix and Glossier to boutique hotels and NBA players' homes. Yee's work emphasizes how furniture facilitates our relationships with others, and how we can design spaces to cultivate specific interpersonal dynamics to help us connect and interact with others. He often draws on states of mind and emotion to inspire and guide during the design process. "As designers we focus on addressing needs contextually: we start with a situation when designing a chair, like sitting at a coffee shop for twenty minutes. To me it’s important not just to address needs, but to consider how someone should feel when using furniture. What state of mind should it put us in? Calm and at peace? Self conscious and cool? This is a good starting place for figuring out where a piece should go and for giving an idea direction throughout the design cycle." Yee grew up in California and has degree in Philosophy and Computer Science from Duke University. He worked in New York City's design agency world, with a focus on digital and experiential design, before starting Sun at Six.
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