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SPARTHERM, Sband, from Germany original imported top real fire fireplace brand. In mailer headquarters in Germany more than 22500 square meters, more than 1,000 fireplace styles, SPARTHERM to maintain the update and replacement of the industry, with more advanced technology and concept to maintain the industry leading position. Unlike many of its competitors, SPARTHERM not only produces "off-the-shelf" fireplaces, but also uses ultra-modern manufacturing processes, including innovative CAD technologies, complex 3D procedures and CNC production controls. At the same time, the company still uses handmade products, continuing the old tradition to produce outstanding results. Companies also use cutting, polishing, galvanizing and glazing in factories to meet the specific needs of all customers. The company has 70 large Mercedes-Benz trucks, from lifting platform to workshop to dealer workshop, every fireplace is the embodiment of the top industrial design and German industrial processing capacity. Roatable chimney connection, patented door sliding technology and complicated pulley system, gray grille and main intake system, adjustable station-more maintain installation level, external air intake module, The furnace is made of 4-5mm thick steel plate, Do corrosion resistance to the overall treatment, Inside the combustion chamber, using ARTHERM unique developed refractory brick (up to 50mm thickness), Combustion air system provides a cleaner combustion, To make the thermal efficiency up to three times higher, Secondary combustion technology-to lower flue gas emissions, Make the fireplace even more thermal efficient, Glass Cleaning System-Automate the glass-permeable fireplace, Patent original open door system in the Red Dot Award, European Innovation Award, German Brand Award, Become a regular customer.
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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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