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Stand: 2N05
"Light, sound, and water, as three energy waves in nature, contain energy that cannot be captured by the human eye, just like the spread of electronic information in today's society. The energy that tangibly and regularly expresses the rhythm of the environment. Light waves have no weight, but make the water rhythmical; water waves have no color, but make the light layers; sound waves have no shape, but become the medium of communication between light and water. Potential" is inspired by "light", "sound" and "water", the potential energy between the three is transmitted and embodied by technological means, sound is caused by light, water is moved by sound, driven by light. As a visual output window of potential energy visualization, the use of "light" to perceive the "potential" of the surrounding environment, "sound" as a medium to transmit the "potential "The three are intertwined and interact with each other to produce multi-level changes, making people feel the impact of the energy collision visually and aurally, and making them feel the beauty of energy further. Potential" tries to express the accumulation and flow of invisible potential energy through the use of natural media such as light, water and sound as a channel, and then make it visible, showing the beauty of invisible potential energy. The elements in nature, which also have "no tangible form", are selected and given a "sensory potential" beyond the inherent characteristics of the objects themselves through potential energy.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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