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Stand: 1E 26
Poland Planika smart alcohol fireplace, the world's top smart alcohol fireplace brand, with FLA 3 customizable smart alcohol fireplace, can be customized 5 meters internal fireplace. Flame size 6 gear adjustment, smart home connection, WIFI control, remote control and so on. Planika Has BEV (combustion ethanol steam) patent technology, applied in automatic alcohol fireplace, combustion does not produce smell, smoke or dust, the only by-products are heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide, its content is equivalent to people's breathing, clean and environmental protection. Planika With technological breakthrough and innovation as the mission, the burner is filled with high absorbent ceramic fiber, even if the equipment failure, can also avoid the risk of leakage. Planika The operation and combustion process of the fireplace can be controlled by advanced microprocessors and other electronic components, and the product is also equipped with a large number of safety sensors and detectors to respond to any violations in the operation of the fireplace, with high safety.
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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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