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NotOnlyArchitecture presented by SKYnoa

Stand: 1E 82
NotOnlyArchitecture presented by SKYnoa
NotOnlyArchitectureTM came to life out of sheer virtue, while designing and developing furniture for projects within the SKYnoaTMpractice. Each of our projects has a unique approach to deliver powerful and inspiring spaces with an authentic and aesthetic purpose. Emphasizing it in detail, material, and of course furniture. With this variety of unique interior disciplines and the vision of authentic spaces, many times designing furniture was essential, and a given to us. We believe each of our inhouse designed objects deserves a place to be showcased on their own. Therefore, we wanted to build a platform to present and make them available to anyone appreciating design and quality as well. With NotOnlyArchitecture we want to honor these designs as an individual and selectively highlight and promote them. The HUG collection was the first holistically created furniture line by SKYnoa and is a homage to the “Memphis” area. The collection has a visual simplicity, yet very profound strong design language. NotOnlyArchitecture throughout will constantly add new objects to its brand and provide a perfect niche in the furniture industry of local craftmanship with international background.
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