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Stand: 8L01
Makingpark is a pioneer brand of editable furniture. Makingpark provides a full lifecycle of furniture editing services (including parts shopping, scene editing, plug-in development and interface maintenance services) for makers through its self-developed editable furniture modules and systems. Setup Shop has created a new model of furniture generation: "1+n". The setup shop provides "1", i.e. a batch of pre-assembled parts and a set of operation SOP (standard operation manual), and the setup player can choose different pre-assembled interfaces, with different functional plug-ins and skin styles, to complete the final "n". This kind of "operability" allows designers to have more choices when creating furniture. In this exhibition, the workshop brought two typical series - the XYZ Grid Series and the Ultra Edit System Floor Series. The Grid Series facility consists of the most basic Grid Base Plate and basic preset interfaces. By combining and arranging different plug-ins, it is possible to create facilities that function in a variety of scenarios: including movable space facilities, plant and animal facilities, transportation facilities and action facilities. Setting Yard is also continuing to introduce product lines for use in different scenarios. The biggest difference between the Floor Series and the XYZ Grille Series is that the Floor Series is completely free of space constraints and does not need to be attached to a post, wall or ceiling. With special floor platforms and interface columns, the series allows for superb performance scene editing.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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