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LKDN Metaverse

Stand: 1H73
LKDN Metaverse
LKDN Metaverse is a brand of the company Leon Krykhtin Design Network (LKDN) originally were as a multi-disciplinary architecture and design studio based in London and Shanghai. LKDN Metaverse specializes in creating immersive virtual experiences in the Metaverse. The brand works with clients to create customized virtual environments that allow users to interact with others in a highly engaging and personalized way on Metaverse and in VR. One of the key areas of expertise for LKDN Metaverse is custom-designed virtual spaces and environments. LKDN Metaverse also focuses on R&D in advanced AI technology, Virtual Reality, and procedural 3D design assets creation for Metaverse. In addition to space design, LKDN Metaverse also provides a range of services related to virtual experience design, including Metaverse architecture, avatar creation, vehicle design, and event launching, as well as creating generative artworks and NFTs. The brand works closely with clients and Metaverse platforms to understand their needs and goals, and then develops customized solutions that meet those needs. Sometimes their clients are Metaverse platforms for which the brand creates custom 3D metaverse assets, NFTs and does consulting for them to improve their quality of Metaverse user experience. LKDN Metaverse is a key player in the Metaverse industry in China, Europe, and USA, providing cutting-edge design solutions that enable clients to create highly engaging and immersive virtual experiences. The brand’s expertise in world building, avatar design, 3D design, NFT creation, and social interaction design makes it a valuable partner for any organization looking to establish a presence in the Metaverse.
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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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