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Stand: Neooold
LINKUNIT jewelry was initiated at the dawn of 2020, by Withlin Studio founder Lin and her architecture partner Kun. It came out after Withlin Studio's 7 year handcraft practice, using digital design technique to generate precise and free computed forms and going beyond the limit of handcrafts to realize them without sacrificing details by 3d printing. The concept of structure and space is not weaken, touch and feel of architecture is not lost either, in addition a sense of industry and future is breathed into. The term LINKUNIT can be interpreted as connection, integration, or literally combination of Lin, Kun and It. Stem from the roots of Withlin's handcraft jewelry, the new brand continues to be in praise of architecture, while Lin have woven the jewelry aesthetic with Kun's ability of compuational design.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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