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Kosta Boda presented by CAS_Living

Stand: 3F16
Kosta Boda presented by CAS_Living
The glassworks in Kosta Boda was founded in 1742. Kosta’s location, in the heart of the dense forests in the Swedish province of Småland, was chosen so that the glassworks could provide both Stockholm and Karlskrona with glass. Among the existing Swedish crystal brands, Kosta Boda has the longest crystal production history, with a history of more than 270 years. Therefore, Kosta Boda is truly the mother of the Crystal Kingdom of Sweden. Although Kosta Boda crystal has a long history, it does not stick to the shackles of tradition. Among many old crystal artworks, Kosta Boda crystal stands out with its vibrant, bold and innovative design style. She gives many artists the freedom to express their own artistic opinions independently. Diversity, free and unconstrained creative process have become the distinctive features of Kosta Boda. Today, many of Kosta Boda's artworks are in the collections of the National Gallery of Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and its crystal glassworks have been used for Nobel Prize Banquet and White House Correspondents' Dinner.
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