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Stand: 1G67
Inspired by the independent thinkers in the history of mankind.It means that for the exploration of good things, the starting point and path may be different, but the goal of goodness is the same. The logo is an independent thinker on horseback, a history of love and commitment, and a powerful desire. It is inspired by the story of Lady Godiva, the legendary woman who was willing to ride naked through the streets of the city to relieve the people of taxes. As a brand that keeps independent thinking, we have an independent brand identity, attitude, temperature and depth. To provide a full range of art home solutions for those consumers who are not willing to be mediocre and pay attention to quality of life and life aesthetics, and to bring consumers the long-term value of a good life with quality products. We insist on exploring independent design language, independent brand spirit, independent core technology and independent life aesthetics. Insist on long-termism, doing the hard but right thing, challenging all conventions, and continuous innovation. With dreams and firm departure, we look forward to meeting with every independent thinking soul.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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