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Focus Is a French brand focusing on modern indoor fireplaces. Focus Headquartered in Viole Rifort in the south of France, in 1967, sculptor Dominic Ibert (Dominique Imbert) founded the Focus fireplace brand in the ancient village of Viole (Viols-le-Fort). Focus It aims to combine the external space and the internal design to apply the technology to the home and the stove."In my opinion, design is the balance between poetry and practicality, art and function, sensibility and reason," ic said. Dominica's design has won the French National Creation Award (French National Prize for Creation), and has been exhibited in world-famous design museums such as the Guggenheim Museum (Solomon R Guggenheim Museum), the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm (Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm). The Focus brand focuses on designing sculptural fireplaces, chimneys, and barbecue grills. Various fireplace styles, curved cobblestone, conical, tubular, independent, embedded, hanging type, a total of 65 different styles. The length of each fireplace chimney can be adjusted to meet the size of the room. The most popular is the suspended Gyrofocus stove, the Focus's first 360-degree rotating fireplace, round and connected to a lanky chimney. Its products have appeared in several architect projects, such as Norwegian Wild Reindeer Pavilion, designed by Snoheta Architects (Snhetta), and Batemans Row commercial and residential buildings in Theis Kahn. While building a reindeer observation pavilion in the Norwegian countryside, Snohta architects installed a suspended cobblestone-shaped Gyrofocus fireplace on the ceiling. Similarly, LoynCo Architects has chosen the fireplace for its Storm City (Stormy Castle) location in rural Wales. Nicholas Plewman Architects and Michaelis Boyd Architects chose dome-shaped Mezzofocus fireplaces for their Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge hotel in Botswana, while London designers Patrick Theis) and Surayakhn (Soraya Khan) installed conical Ergofocus fireplaces in their commercial and residential buildings. In addition, Dominic's interior and exterior design concepts bring in many outdoor-only stoves, such as the conical Ergofocus stove and the Emifocus stove installed in the livestock shed below. Anti-corrosion coating, durable black paint, and beautiful red rust blooming over time are all design features of the Focus outdoor fireplace. Its used wood or gas combustion products have been extensively tested, with the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. Focus Gas heater can be remote control, easily adjust the size of the fire; wood burning furnace thermal efficiency up to 70%.
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3 - 6 June 2021

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