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DECO·DECO safety art glass

Stand: A19
DECO·DECO safety art glass
Deco · Deco Resin glass is an innovative enterprise with deep integration of science and technology and art. Forward looking thinking meets the "design" future. It not only represents the decorative significance of the material itself, but also endows another level of natural beauty created by the sense of art. Through the expression of ingenious materials and products, it can arouse people's appreciation of life in color and beauty.The product breaks the traditional pattern of thinking and combines the perfect idea of minimalism and complexity. It has the characteristics of delicate and rich texture, safety, light weight and high plasticity. It shows its inherent characteristic in various fields such as commercial scenery and furniture with delicacy safety, light weight and high plasticity deformability, Deco · Deco Resin glass also provides one-stop service for many enterprises in product art design and finished product supply.
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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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