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Stand: 2R33
D1MORE is a new brand that comes from the union of OPSIS DESIGN, an Italian experience design company, and ALLPOWER, a high tech engineering production company.The mission behind D1MORE is to combine technologically interactive elements with our natural, contemporary interior design.Inspired by our poetic nature, D1MORE presents the new generation with a unique living experience.Our design inspires people to leave space for their emotions and finds balance in sharing with others and having intimate space. Placing every user as the central figure, we are committed to create a sensorial, interactive experience.D1MORE combines innovation, function and culture. Tinted with natural essence, our use of colors is neutral yet intense, cozy yet promising. D1MORE encapsulates serenity, energy, optimism, and the future in our design. SMART design serves as the fundamental base for us in creating a balance between nature feeling and sensorial experience. D1MORE’s key components involve texturizing design, interactive surface, transformable environment, and high-performance materials. We believe that technology does not have to be an individual end in itself but a way of creating comforts, well-being, and harmony with our lifestyle.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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