Design expertise, flexibility and adaptability are Visionnaire’s objectives for this 2016.


Versatile and timeless best describe Visionnaire’s collection which transcends generations.It is suitable for furnishing a new generation’s home while also continues to decorate the homes of their parents or grandparents.A collection that is suitable in an exclusive Hamptons mansion also finds its natural habitat in the modern open spaces such as a London penthouse or Manhattan loft and just as easily fits in a luxurious home in India or the Arab Emirates.The versatility of this collection is unparalleled.


A contemporary style strongly inspired by art and design is evident in the pieces designed by Steve Leung, Mauro Lipparini and Alessandro La Spada; and from the other side, the collection follows the original, classic style that is a hallmark of the Visionnaire brand for the last 10 years.An international glamorous style that is inspired by Art Déco, flourishes this year with the pieces designed by Samuele Mazza.The “total look” concept is still on track, and now also explores all the imaginable interior spaces, from the living area to the dining room as well as the kitchen, bathroom, the bedroom, the studio area, and the home library. The outdoor collection is also seamlessly incorporated and upgraded with its new heavy-duty coatings and weather resistant features.


The collection is not only evidence of a stylish evolution but also of a new way of conceiving the idea of “luxury interior design” with regard to environmental impact. A pilot projectis the “Sunny”armchair designed by Alessandro La Spada which is manufactured with the collaboration of “Materiko”, a patented polyformic resin that allows the substitution of the classic “ecoleather” with an innovative high definition “3D texture”; this material is 100% “carbon neutral” and water-free.


This brand is presented by Domus Aurea.