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Stand: 1A14
JINLE Born in 1984 in Zhejiang, China, JINLE is a graduate of the China Academy of Art and currently resides in Shanghai. JINLE is active in the art field with multiple identities as an independent artist, digital artist, director, and sculptor. Additionally, he is the founder of LAILE STUDIO and owner of LAILE FACTORY. "Enchanted Orient:Enigma" serve as the central themes of JINLE's artistic creations. He excels at juxtaposing Eastern traditions and philosophy with Western culture, merging the traditional and the contemporary through the use of imagery. With an attitude of "I love it just for fun," he challenges and deconstructs traditional and established concepts, employing various artistic mediums such as surrealism, digital technology, film, sculpture, and painting to present his works. "Everything I do is driven by an almost blind passion. Just like a child picking up a paintbrush, many infatuations and palpitations might come from thoughtless fanaticism. I hope to recreate various elements in a more direct and brute manner, conveying my knowledge, thoughts, and emotions through my works." As JINLE states, his works embody a kind of untamed growth, characterized by rawness and primitiveness, yet also bursting with vitality. They serve as explorations of his "intellectual consciousness" and "Eastern philosophical" inquiries, representing an ongoing process of imagination, subversion, exploration, and reconstruction.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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