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Stand: 8L01
Curiosity! It is what keeps us going, it makes us stand up and look for the beauty of the heights, it makes us bend down and discover the wonders of the ocean. It takes us off the ground and gives us a glimpse of the secrets of the sky. Let's fly to the ocean of stars and explore the infinite possibilities!There are so many stressful and unavoidable situations in life, but it is precisely this curiosity that makes us strive to go further, to try. The countless times we pick the light, the countless times we run around, the countless times we sweat, are precisely the curiosity about tomorrow, the desire for the future, and the infinite love of life!QOQO BE CURIOUS is a brand under the umbrella of Keep Curious: two towering paws, chubby face, big watery eyes, and a round little tummy.QOQO stands straight up and looks at the world in front of him with curiosity and surprise.QOQO is curious about the sun's warmth of his bed, so he runs to the end of the world to see it; I am curious about the news brought by the fish, so I go to the other side of the sea to play! ; I am curious about the beauty of the world and bring blessings and beauty to each child to share with them.

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3 - 6 June 2021

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

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