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*Please note the content on this page is subject to change. The organisers of Design Shenzhen do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience that may arise as a result of such changes.


  1. 1.Finding a common identify amongst the different 2.Expressing the universal based on emphatic experiences 3.Building connections through systematic aesthetic appreciation and society values
  2. 1. Milstone 2. Longlife 3. Inspiring
  3. 1. Urban observation 2. Blend the border 3. Establish the connection
  4. As China’s economy continues to recover, significant changes have occurred to the lives of people. Recent years saw a noticeable shift towards a natural, green, and healthy lifestyle, which has become ...
  5. TBC
  6. Wellbeing for Culture; Wellbeing for Nature; Wellbeing at Work; Wellbeing for the environment; Wellbeing with each other.
  7. 1. Activation and utilization of disused public property 2.Space transformation in the renovation of traditional architecture 3.Sustainability of rural project
  8. 1. re-establishing system of local public spaces 2. critical regionalism - identity of rural community 3. responding local climate and culture
  9. 1. learning through playing 2. Work with local capenters and protect the beautiful timber heritage 3. Build for community, bringing hope to village through architecture and design
  10. Through this renovation, a building that is about to be demolished has been preserved. This building has been given a new life and has become the only place for the village to attract tourists. This i ...
  11. 1. Vernacular building: an extension of the valley 2. Minimum material and least design interventions 3. Beyond functional: a social space
  12. 1. Build the nature 2. Build the earth 3. Build humanism
  13. Born out of the masculine Karst landscape of northern China, the project transforms a run-down farmyard into a modern home stay. The objective is two-fold: to internalize natural landscape, and to be ...
  14. If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you're going. The word "Lai" has two meanings, one is "being" and the other is "future". The architectural practice of Atelier LAI takes ...
  1. Derived from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the exploration of the human-oriented needs in architectural design, that is, how to meet people's constantly surpassing requirement is a question that design ...
  2. Architecture of Happiness - Creating softspaces We have been trying to understand how children play and rest beautiful play-spaces. Every play-spaces that we have created are unique, but they shall po ...
  4. 1. Landscape architecture designs 2. Garden architecture 3. The space concept and lifestyle of the integration of house and garden
  5. 1. Current status and future development of traditional villages in Guizhou 2. Cultural Heritage: Transforming Space and Gender Roles 3. Preservation and Innovation of Traditional Architecture
  6. For WAD's "Future Home", we have extended a possibility of the future. In the foreseeable future, technological benefits will inevitably overturn the usual rules of life, but what happens when this co ...
  7. 1. Sustainability 2. The continuation of culture 3. Trendy and timeless
  8. 1. The current ageing and health status in China. - China has one of the fastest growing ageing populations in the world. According to World Health Organization, the population of people over 60 years ...
  9. Speaker: Yann Follain
  1. Speaker: Carlo Ratti
  2. 1. Functions and quality standards of luxury living houses. 2. Main problems in luxuary housing projects. 3. Brief introduction about EPCM applied in luxury housing projects.
  3. The project commissioned by BASF Co-creation Center,RE-CRAFTING PLASTICS. Share about the Sustainability in a broad sense,Long coexistence of human and nature is the Chinese way of sustainability and ...
  4. 1.Abandon Ruins - Light Reconstruction 2.Urban Parlour for Youngster 3.Commercial Lighting Restructure 4.Impact- Expression of Architecture
  5. The process starts listening to the client requests (story-listeners before storytellers) and developing a story with the contribution of the different professionals involved, every time implementing ...
  2. 1. What is Metaverse 2. The best way to view Metaverse is in VR 3. LKDN Metaverse project stories
  3. 1. Edges and bundries 2. The architecture process is a graffiti 3. Improvisation
  4. TBC
  5. 1. Future Drivers 2024 2. Eco Friendly Consumer Persona 3. Trends in sustainable design
  6. 1. The origin of limited design 2. The blurrier boundary within the development of contemporary art 3. The storytelling design
  7. Panel Discussion



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