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Design Shenzhen Press Release



The 2nd edition of “Design Shenzhen” is now officially underway! The Fusion of Design and Technology, Unveiling the Essence of Design Trends

The 2nd edition of “Design Shenzhen” is now officially underway! The Fusion of Design and Technology, Unveiling the Essence of Design Trends


Crafted by the innovative team behind “Design Shanghai,” the second edition of “Design Shenzhen” is scheduled to take place from March 21 to 24, 2024, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Centered around “the fusion of Design and Technology,” the event will assemble a diverse array of creative design works, the latest software and hardware technologies, cutting-edge design solutions, and exemplify the harmonious fusion of technology, art, and design.

In its inaugural year, “Design Shenzhen” successfully brought together over 200 high-end design brands and independent designers from both domestic and international arenas, spanning more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. The event garnered the attention of over 40,000 trade visitors, showcasing to the industry the transformative impact of design on future lifestyles. Building on this momentum, the second edition of “Design Shenzhen” is committed to maintaining a global perspective. It aims to delve into elevating the functionality of products, environments, and structures through the synergy of science and technology at the design level, thereby fostering innovation and practicality in the realm of design.





Pioneering Creative Vision, Infusing Imagination with Technology

CCD, a design firm based in Hong Kong, has been graciously invited to lend its creative prowess to craft a new visual and spatial design for Design Shenzhen 2024, injecting a fresh burst of creativity into the event. Drawing inspiration from the physics concept of Fusion, where light atomic nuclei converge to form heavier ones, CCD's concept revolves around the idea that the attraction between these nuclei brings them closer, resulting in the creation of a new, more stable substance. This process releases substantial energy. CCD has extracted this expressive super symbol to depict the dynamic and enigmatic physical phenomenon of Fusion. This symbolism implies that the Design Shenzhen platform will serve as a Gathering point for innovators and thought leaders across various fields, fostering collisions that generate a powerful surge of creativity. The Revolution signifies an unprecedented release and transformation of design energy, actualizing the vision of Fusion — a profound melding of design and science and technology. CCD, in collaboration with Design Shenzhen, aspires to spark creativity through design, revitalizing imagination with technology and envisioning a vibrant, borderless future.






Creative Feature Highlights, Pioneering Technology and Innovation for the Future

As a pivotal creative hub within the Greater Bay Area's design industry, the second edition of Design Shenzhen is poised to unveil five feature highlights, offering a comprehensive exhibition experience tailored for both industry professionals and design enthusiasts with a wealth of content.

GOOD DESIGN SELECT: The feature highlight 「GOOD DESIGN SELECT」 aims to spotlight noteworthy Chinese designs that clinched the G-Mark Award in 2023. Through an in-depth examination utilizing the "Design Anatomy" exhibition method, curator Shi Xiaoxi will meticulously analyze the award-winning designs. Employing a microscopic-level approach, the showcase will delve into various dimensions of product design, including concept, culture, materials, engineering, craftsmanship, form, trend, inspiration, process, packaging, fonts, color, production, branding, and more. This method ensures that visitors gain a profound understanding of the award-winning works, offering a comprehensive and detailed viewing experience. The exhibition also serves as a window into G Mark's criteria for recognizing outstanding designs, making the acclaimed designs more accessible to visitors. 「GOOD DESIGN SELECT」further allows the award-winning products to unveil intricate details through the lens of design anatomy, enabling the audience to grasp the underlying design concepts and thoughts behind each product.





WellConnect: WellConnect, a feature highlight co-sponsored by David Hugh, Design Shenzhen, and the Guoshu Longhui Fund, has been crafted with the aim of cultivating awareness regarding the active pursuit of holistic health. Simultaneously, it endeavors to establish a platform for brands, designers, and consumers to engage in meaningful communication, share insights, and explore new avenues for a health-conscious lifestyle backed by scientific evidence. This initiative seeks to develop comprehensive solutions that can be put into practice. The launch of this year's Design Shenzhen coincided with World Sleep Day, marking the opportune moment for WellConnect to delve into the concept of a “Nest”. This exploration focuses on creating a sanctuary where both body and mind can unwind and rejuvenate. The feature highlight has enlisted core brands, such as DOSE, incorporating diverse health perspectives and featuring an array of physical products, practical activities, and theoretical research. In collaboration with LWK+PARTNERS Architects, WellConnect aims to craft a health experience that seamlessly integrates architectural space, data monitoring, furniture and hardware, as well as knowledge and behavioral practices. The ultimate goal is to construct an inspiring living space that fosters holistic well-being.

IDEA BOX: The extremely popular 「IDEA BOX」 feature highlight in the first edition of Design Shenzhen will return in 2024. Inspired by “box” and centered on “lifestyle”, this section aims to create a complete ecosystem of object design, linking domestic and international quality channels and platforms to help brands grow in the direction of commercialization. In 2024, 「IDEA BOX」 will double its exhibition space, adopt sustainable and eco-friendly construction methods, and add two new exciting sections – “NEW IDEA” will bring the latest products and trends; The “GOOD IDEA” section will extend the reach of design to more areas, bringing more exciting “good design” to the audience and making life exciting by design.




The Design Transformation by Raritag: Inherit from the Cheng Chung Design DNA, Raritag, a technology brand completed the CCD group. Based on in-depth understandings of the interior-design industry, Raritag fuse digital technology into the design industry and cultivate an advanced design philosophy. Besides, it creates a highly efficient collaborative work pattern, thereby establish an intelligent design-ecosystem for stakeholders. In the upcoming installment of “Design Shenzhen,” Raritag will showcase its product, the "IDEAFUSION," under the theme of “Design Transformation”. This endeavor aims to establish a novel digital decorative materials experience space, featuring an array of rare sustainable and renewable materials from around the world. The exhibition will seamlessly integrate these materials into the innovative design team's Smart Cloud work mode, thereby liberating individuals from preconceived notions associated with traditional office settings. Anticipate an unparalleled and groundbreaking experience that promises to redefine expectations. Stay tuned for more details.

DAST Technology and Art Application Feature Highlight: Design Shenzhen, in collaboration with the art consulting label TalKU, is set to unveil the “DAST Technology and Art Application Feature Highlight.” DAST, an acronym for Design-Art-Social-Tech, represents a pioneering model that specifically targets the activation of commercial real estate. This unique exhibition will showcase a 700-square-meter miniature model, seamlessly blending form, content, and experience to offer diverse solutions for the effective marketing of commercial real estate. The vibrancy of “Design Shenzhen” extends beyond the exhibition space, with concurrent design activities taking place.

The “Rural Futures Award” is jointly initiated by the Chinese young architects' community “Architectural Practice Talks (APT)” in collaboration with “Design Shenzhen.” The inaugural award was announced during the first edition of “Design Shenzhen”. The application process for the second edition of the award will be launched soon, with the award ceremony slated to take place at Design Shenzhen in 2025. This award will maintain its biennial format, continuing to spotlight outstanding architectural practices in the realm of rural construction, with a dedicated focus on the Chinese countryside. The goal is to unearth exemplary approaches to rural construction, providing positive guidance for sustainable development in the Chinese countryside in the years to come.




2024 WAD Luxury House Design and Construction Summit & WAD World Youth Designer Conference is scheduled to take place at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, running concurrently with Design Shenzhen. The summit will bring together over 1,500 outstanding designers and engineers specializing in luxury home construction, suppliers of specialized solutions, and industry leaders in top-notch construction and project management. Its objective is to disseminate cutting-edge technology and trends in luxury residential construction, broaden the scope and cognitive boundaries within the luxury residential construction field, and catalyze the high-quality development of the luxury residential market. Renowned Dutch national designer Marcel Wanders, a highly influential figure in the design industry, has been extended an invitation to serve as the chairman of the summit.



Master Craftsmen Convene at Main Forum, Pioneering Cutting-Edge Ideation through Technology

The second edition of “Design Shenzhen” is set to assemble visionary perspectives, establishing a communication platform to empower the industry within the Greater Bay Area and beyond. At this year's Design Shenzhen, top designers and creative KOLs from around the globe will converge at the main forum, fostering an exchange of ideas, sparking innovation, and bridging emerging forces in the industry with leading trends. This forum is poised to spearhead the development of exchanges and outstanding innovation within the realm of design. Distinguished guests attending the event include luminaries such as Ross Lovegrove, British industrial design master, Founder and Director of FOR LOVE &; Leon Krykhtin, Founder and Creative Director of Leon Krykhtin Design Network (LKDN); Cheng Chung, Founder and Creative Director of CCD Hong Kong; Hu Weijian, President and Managing Partner of CCD; Ila Colombo, Creative and Strategic Director of Colombo Creative; Nada Debs, Artist, Designer, and Founder and Creative Director of Studio Nada Debs; Graeme Brooker, Head of Department of Interior Design at the Royal College of Art (RCA), United Kingdom. Additional industry leaders and related information will be unveiled progressively, so stay tuned for updates.



A Showcase of Artisanal Brands and Design Innovation Through Technology

Positioned as a hub for creative inspiration, the second edition of Design Shenzhen is set to unveil an array of international brands and emerging trends. Casa Jolie, an imported furniture collection brand, will introduce a fresh series of high-quality Italian flooring from Listone Giordano at the exhibition. Other notable participants include Israeli brand Caesarstone, Italian brand Infinity, German electrical appliances brand Liebherr, high-end German ceramics brand Villeroy & Boch, German sanitary design brand Duravit, and German design brand Durability. Duravit, the German bathroom design brand; along with Spanish cement design, will also unveil their latest creations. The exhibition will feature a multitude of local brands, such as the original home lifestyle brand DakHaan, furniture design brand GRADOCONTRACT, carpet brand BURGUNIE, DECO-DECO resin glass, office furniture brand HOPE SPACE, wallpaper and carpet brand TAT MING, and the innovative sitting solution Archimedes. Additionally, 3D printing brand LINKUNIT will showcase its cutting-edge technology at Design Shenzhen, embodying the spirit of innovation and multiculturalism.



Listone Giordano






Villeroy & Boch











Design Shenzhen is dedicated to providing a platform for creative design products and solutions that inspire and drive innovation. Fueled by cutting-edge technology, the event aims to create a learning ecology for designers, showcasing the seamless integration of technology, art, and design.

As expressed by Mr. Wang Xiaogang, Director of Design Shenzhen, “Since the infusion of technology into design practices, our ongoing exploration has been centered around redefining the concept of ‘design’. Through meticulously curated content, a diverse array of design brands spanning various industries, and insights shared by esteemed guests, we aim to once again harness the power of technology to kindle design inspirations and propel the development of the design industry in the Greater Bay Area." Building upon cutting-edge technology and design trends in the Greater Bay Area, Design Shenzhen is poised to usher in a new era of integration between technology, art, and design. We eagerly anticipate coming together in Shenzhen with colleagues from the design, technology, architecture, home furnishing, and other industry sectors to collectively envision the future of design.


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