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Design Shenzhen Press Release



The 2nd Design Shenzhen is right around the corner: Pushing the limits of design and technology, envisioning the future of innovation

The 2nd Design Shenzhen is right around the corner: Pushing the limits of design and technology, envisioning the future of innovation

(March 7, 2024, Shenzhen) The highly anticipated 2nd Design Shenzhen is set to unfold from March 21-24, 2024, hosted at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Building on the triumph of the inaugural event, this year's Design Shenzhen is themed around the “The Fusion of Design and Technology”. Enhanced with features, the gathering will unite cutting-edge design brands and innovative products from both domestic and international realms, delving into the core of science and technology innovation embedded in the vibrant city of Shenzhen. Moreover, Design Shenzhen extends invitations to design luminaries to the main forum, where they will share pioneering perspectives on four key topics: AI technology, interior design, architectural design, and commercial design. This aims to cultivate a distinctive platform for design discourse and resource exchange within the Greater Bay Area. Once again, Audi will proudly take center stage as the exclusive title partner of Design Shenzhen.




Embracing Change: Navigating the Role of Technology in the Design Industry

As the profound influence of AI on design, architecture, and society at large continues to expand, change is inevitable. Design Shenzhen will concentrate on the intricate interplay between AI and design, delving into the present state and developmental trajectory of technology application within the design sphere. The feature, “GOOD DESIGN SELECT,” stands as a design event officially endorsed by G-Mark, holding significance as a platform curated by Shi Xiaoxi to foster design exchange between China and Japan. This year's exhibition highlights MEIZU 20 INFINITY, an emblematic Chinese design clinching the G-Mark Award in 2023. Through the theme of "Why is this Good Design", the exhibition meticulously examines the concept, culture, materials, engineering, craftsmanship, form, process, color, production, and technology involved. It offers Chinese audiences an intimate insight into the birth of globally acclaimed Chinese designs, catalyzing the widespread appreciation of design.





Raritag, a tech company under Cheng Chung Design, is set to showcase its innovative offerings at the IDEAFUSION booth as a featured program. Under the banner of “Design Transformation,” this special initiative aims to craft a spectrum of scenarios by seamlessly integrating recycled materials and imaging technology into spatial design. The goal is to reshape individuals' recollections of traditional materials and spaces, while also highlighting the exploratory facets of design within the realms of art and space.


Design Transformation


On the second day, the main forum will delve into the transformative influence of AI on the design industry. Leon Krykhtin, Founder and Creative Director of LKDN, will illuminate the application of AI and spatial computing in architecture, design, and art. Meanwhile, Martha Tsigkari, Senior Partner and Head of ARD at Foster + Partners, will present insights into disruptive technologies in the AEC field. Tim Fu, Founder and CEO of Studio Tim Fu, will unfold the revolutionary applications of AI in architectural art. Notably, the forum will also feature contributions from esteemed figures such as Ila Colombo, Creative and Strategic Director of DEOND Dubai & Ross Lovegrove Studio;Yang Zunjie, Architecture, Interior, and Furniture Designer, and Curator; He Wanyu, Founder of Xkool Technology—an AI application for the architecture industry; Emilie Robinson, Creative Director of MAP Project Office, among other distinguished guests. Together, they will share their perspectives on the interplay between AI and the design industry, delving into the profound and far-reaching impacts of disruptive technologies on humanity.


Day 2 speaker highlights


The renowned Samsung brand, known for introducing groundbreaking smartphones, wearable devices, and cutting-edge computer technologies, will showcase its research outcomes in MicroLED display technology at the exhibition. Additionally, Samsung will present advancements in extreme color expression, pushing beyond the constraints of existing display technologies. The exhibition will also feature notable brands such as Cerawei Technology, specializing in ceramic 3D printing; Musepod, a manufacturing company focused on assembly and digital fast-fitting room track technology; and Automist, a home fire active fire prevention system, are set to showcase their latest offerings.







The dawn of the future: Pioneering technology empowers the realm of commercial design.

This year's Design Shenzhen showcases a seamless infusion of design art and technology from diverse spheres, aiming to inject fresh ideas and inspiration into the landscape of commercial design. Collaborating with the art consulting label TalKU, Design Shenzhen introduces the “DAST Technology and Art Application Special Exhibition,” a venture that blends Design, Art, Social, and Tech into a unified entity, activating a novel model for commercial real estate. 

The booth, designed by CM+ under DYML Architecture, will curate a collection of brands and content tailored to resonate with Generation Z, combining them into commercial real estate projects through immersive multimedia art and interactive visual solutions. The result is an innovative and interactive commercial experience space, providing diversified solutions for the effective marketing of commercial real estate. On the fourth day of the Design Shenzhen main forum, the spotlight will be on commercial design, delving into the future value and developmental trends of emerging commercial forms.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is amazed at the swift expansion of China's cities, noting the remarkable dynamism that characterizes this growth. Some commercial complexes have evolved beyond mere architectural landmarks, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of local lifestyles. The “RIBA China Landmark 100 Exhibition” exhibition aims to delve into the distinctiveness of China's contemporary urban commercial complexes and their pivotal role in shaping the development of Chinese cities. Moreover, the exhibition seeks to spark possibilities for the cities of the future. On the third day of the main forum, a focal point will be architectural design, featuring the RIBA-sponsored “Architectural Technology and Urban Development Forum.” Design Shenzhen has also extended invitations to several architects and designers to share their valuable insights. Notable participants include Zhuang Ziyu, founder and presiding architect of BUZZ Architects; Frankie Lui, founder and presiding architect of Atelier Global (AG); and Satoshi Ohashi, director of Zaha Hadid Architects in China.


Day 3 speaker highlights


The much-loved “IDEA BOX” feature, a standout from the inaugural Design Shenzhen, is set to make a return in 2024, curated by EY principal designer, Huang Guodong. Drawing inspiration from the concept of a “box” and centered around the theme of “lifestyle,” this segment aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for object design. By connecting domestic and international high-quality channels and platforms, it seeks to assist brands in their continuous evolution towards commercialization. The exhibition area is divided into three key sections: the “Limited Edition Boxes” area, showcasing the work of 20 creators; the "NEW IDEA" section, expanding the design footprint into more fields; and the " IDEA STAGE," providing a platform for designers to share their inspirations.

Design Shenzhen brings together a diverse array of cutting-edge material suppliers, showcasing a multitude of application scenarios and illuminating the future development trajectories of scientific and technological concepts in commercial design. Among the notable participants is BURGUNIE, an outstanding supplier of patchwork carpets in China, dedicated to embodying the ethos of harmonious coexistence with nature. Through its products, BURGUNIE articulates a message of reverence and love for nature, exploring the profound answers that nature offers to humanity. DECO·DECO resin glass, seamlessly integrating technology and art; Cement Design, a Spanish purveyor of decorative element; ®️Kanko Material, a Japanese brand specializing in environmentally friendly and durable architectural and decorative materials; Greenish, a leading manufacturer of PET acoustic panels; Concreate, a brand utilizing cement, mineral, and natural materials; COLORBO, an eco-friendly acoustic material brand; CHAZENCE, a green and sustainable brand; Wu’er Handicrafts, a resin material brand; and sileather, a pioneer in 100% high-performance silicone leather, have all converged at this global gathering of innovative design materials, driving the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies.







Elevating Luxury: Integrating Avant-Garde Technology into Progressive Aesthetics 

The evolution of luxury property design is intrinsically linked with technological advancements, shaping the forefront of interior design trends. Design Shenzhen 2024 places a spotlight on numerous high-end design brands, featuring internationally acclaimed architect, interior, and product designer Steve Leung. Drawing inspiration from the panda, Steve Leung collaborates with Belgian art furniture brand SIXINCH to present “LAZY PANDA Steve Leung New Products and Art Exhibition.” This showcase unveils the latest collaborative art furniture series, boasting innovative and unconventional designs that redefine perspectives on artistic living.

FULI, in collaboration with renowned designer and architect Aldo Cibic, unveils the “Fantastic Landscape” series of tapestry works at Design Shenzhen 2024. This collection seamlessly integrates a variety of design languages, highlighting the brand's exceptional craftsmanship and refined taste. Notably, this marks Aldo Cibic's inaugural design endeavor for a Chinese carpet brand.

De'Longhi, the distinguished Italian home coffee machine brand, is set to unveil a new series of home coffee machine products, presenting a distinctive Italian coffee experience to the audience through its groundbreaking aesthetics. Meanwhile, Fotile, an upscale full-scene kitchen appliance brand, will shape a novel paradigm for high-end kitchen living. Leveraging its professional manufacturing technology and internationally-inspired design, Fotile will be joined by Listone Giordano, the renowned high-end wood flooring brand; Caesarstone, the distinguished stone supplier; Villeroy & Boch, the prestigious German ceramics manufacturing brand; Liebherr, the reputable German electrical brand; Duravit, the renowned German bathroom design brand; IXOOST, the luxury Italian art audio brand; FRANK CHOU COLLECTION, the design practice brand by the well-known designer Frank Zhou; GRADOCONTRACT, an elegant fusion of minimalism and exquisite aesthetics; ZHUOYU, a Chinese tea room brand; and SHERMAN, a proponent of minimalist aesthetics in design; MU16, a Chinese home fashion brand showcasing the integration of glass design aesthetics. Together, these brands collectively highlight the seamless fusion of lifestyle aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.



















On the opening day forum of the exhibition, a lineup of distinguished guests will grace the stage: Marcel Wanders, the esteemed Dutch designer and founder of the Moooi brand, along with Aidan Walker, the Director of the Design Shenzhen main forum, will engage in a profound dialogue, sharing their perspectives on “curious, romantic, uninhibited design rebels.” Furthermore, Cheng Chung, the Founder and Chairman of CCD Hong Kong, and Hu Weijian, the President and Managing Partner of CCD Hong Kong, will deliver a keynote speech titled “Design without Boundaries, AI Future.” Founder of Leung Chi-Tin Design Group, Leung Chi-Tin, will share his insights on the theme of “The Measure of Design.” The forum will also feature Vincent de Graaf, co-founder and lead architect of AIM Architecture Design, Shi Xiaoxi, a renowned industrial designer, Qiyou Wang, a partner at B+H Architects, and Wang Jing, the Vice President of North Asia for USGBC and GBCI. Each of them will offer valuable insights into the world of design.


Day 1 speaker highlights


The 2024 WAD Luxury Residence Design & Construction Summit will coincide with Design Shenzhen at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. This summit will center around the theme “Intelligent & Healthy & Quality Technology Defines the New Standard of Luxury Residence,” creating an international platform for industry exchange. The summit will be led by Marcel Wanders, a revered Dutch national treasure designer. He will collaborate with various design maestros, developer teams, and experts in the luxury residential property supply chain to partake in the forum. Their collective goal is to share perspectives, stimulate thoughtful discussions, and foster collaboration.




Revolutionizing Wellness: Advanced Technology Redefines Health

On the inaugural day of Design Shenzhen, coinciding with World Sleep Day, the exhibition partnered with David Hugh, a health innovation company based in Cambridge, UK, to craft a feature program titled “WellConnect Health Technology Special Exhibition,” centered around the core concept of “NEST- Habitat for the Heart.” The exhibition space, designed by Mr. Chen Guowei, Director of LWK + PARTNERS, comprises three thematic zones: movement, healing, and sleep. This immersive area showcases cutting-edge technologies, including brain-computer interface technology, low-temperature non-magnetic infrared PureInfra®, oxygen therapy, and levitation technology. Through diverse health and mind-body experiences, the exhibition invites attendees to feel the impact of science and technology, encouraging profound exploration of well-being. The smart space, attuned to the audience's emotions, capturing exclusive AI moments.

David Hugh introduces its latest generation levitation technology, Aiora, unveiling a novel design language that pushes the boundaries of comfort. DOSE, an international pioneer in far-infrared technology, offers a rich sensory experience across various scenarios. FLOW, a domestic head and body health brand, debuts its exclusive series of essential oils, leading immersive and professional meditation and sound therapy experiences.

Flexolink, dedicated to researching brain-computer interface technology and its commercial applications, presents a diverse range of health experiences. The well-known civilian hyperbaric chamber brand O₂BOX showcases its latest technology. The “Conscious Printer,” an immersive spatial interactive experience device, enriches the sensory and consciousness experiences of on-site attendees.




The ethos of healthy living permeates every facet of existence, and Design Shenzhen has brought together a diverse array of contributors, including global high-end fitness equipment brand Life Fitness, the intricately designed biomechanics seat brand Archimedes, the pioneering health lighting technology brand ZHAZHA, and Switzerland's IQAir, a leading brand in air purification information technology. Together, they showcase the multifaceted positive impacts of technology on health.

Beyond delving into the transformative influence of cutting-edge technology on home life, Design Shenzhen also places a significant focus on the emotional aspects within the home furnishing industry. The feature exhibition “Live Like an Artist,” initiated by Lego’s Paradise, reflects upon the future of human settlements. By connecting global creative brands and artists, the exhibition aims to explore the potential of homes in terms of artistry, personalization, and spirituality.


Living like An Artist


This year, Design Shenzhen has collaborated with the Shenzhen Decoration and Art Design Institute to curate “What She Sees,” a living art exhibition with a focus on women. Anchored in the theme of "Women", this collaborative effort involves five female designers and numerous female artists working together to craft an aesthetic space that seamlessly integrates design and art. This exhibition embodies a global vision with a local perspective, portraying the beauty of design through the lens of women. From a woman's perspective, the situational exhibition captures the essence of design, documenting the zeitgeist in a woman's language, and crafting an aesthetic life infused with feminine wisdom.

The “Rural Futures Award”, jointly initiated by the Chinese young architects' community “Architectural Practice Talks (APT)” in collaboration with “Design Shenzhen”, is set to enter its second edition. The application process for the award will commence this month, with an award ceremony scheduled for early 2025. The award categories include the Rural Construction Award, the Rural Revitalization Award, and the Rural Symbiosis Award. These categories aim to spotlight outstanding architectural practices in the realm of rural construction, contributing to the exploration of positive values that will guide the sustainable development of China's countryside in the future.


Rural Futures Award


Conducting a thorough examination of the fusion of science, technology, and design, Design Shenzhen 2024 aims to ignite industry inspiration through a diverse array of perspectives. The event promises to offer a vibrant and varied design experience for practitioners and enthusiasts alike, showcasing high-quality designs. Anticipating the future of diversified design that harnesses the synergy of science and technology, Design Shenzhen 2024 looks forward to setting the stage for an exciting and innovative journey.


Event Dates: March 21-24, 2024

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center




About Design Shenzhen:

Design Shenzhen is set to showcase an exquisite array of high-end designs spanning the realms of architecture, interior, product, and technology. The event aspires to establish a distinctive platform where brands can cultivate enduring business connections with architects, interior designers, real estate developers, retailers, and private buyers within the Greater Bay Area, aligning seamlessly with the demands of the local market.


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