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Design Shenzhen 2024 Features



The GOOD DESIGN SELECT section showcases representative designs from the Chinese region that won the G-Mark award in 2023. Adopting an "Anatomy of Design" exhibition approach, it deeply dissects the award-winning designs, offering visitors a comprehensive and detailed experience. This exhibition aims to deepen the understanding of the criteria for good design as per the G Mark standards. Additionally, "GOOD DESIGN SELECT" presents the awarded products in a rich and profound manner, highlighting their design details and the underlying philosophy and thought process. Differing from the comprehensive introduction of the "History, Longevity, Excellence" theme of 2023, the 2024 curator Shi Xiaoxi delves deeper into the excellent design products that won the 2023 G Mark design award. Using a microscopic level of design analysis, the exhibition displays product design from multiple perspectives such as concept, culture, material, engineering, craftsmanship, form, trend, inspiration, process, packaging, typography, colour, production, and branding. Each detail of product design is presented to the audience in a unique format.
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