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Design Shenzhen 2021 Future Home




Designers: Feng x Tommi Zhou



Stand Design

Throughout the entire curatorial process, through the recycling of old building materials, re-fusion, transformation, and utilization, so that these materials with memories and their own self-worth have new value. After the exhibition, these new and old materials will be placed in every corner of APark with the meaning of the past and the present, and will create future possibilities over time.

The reincarnation of materials is like the periodic movement of fish-migration. Due to the physiological needs of fish, they travel far away, upstream, reproductively migrate, and return to their hometown to lay eggs. Fish complete the life cycle with the instinct of survival, and produce new value on the basis of the old life time and time again. The generational alternation and constant change of this kind of building material is like migrating, and it should also be a kind of self-instinct.




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