Presentation Zone Speaker List



  • Alyx Liu

    Alyx Liu

    Director of Operation, Future Resource Centre, Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts
  • Bo Li

    Bo Li

    Founder & Chief Designer of ShenZhen Cimax Design Company Limited
  • Chao Wang

    Chao Wang

    Founder & Creative Director of NNS design
  • Christian Balzer

    Christian Balzer

    Head of Brand Strategy Customer Insights and Customer Experience, Audi China
  • Dao Hong Shi

    Dao Hong Shi

    FTA Partner & Executive Director
  • Di Sun

    Di Sun

    Senior Project Manager of schneider+schumacher
  • Emily Shi

    Emily Shi

    Business Development Manager, Color & Esthetics, Global Color & Design (CMF), Business Unit Polycarbonates, Covestro
  • Fang Wang

    Fang Wang

    CEO of
  • Felix Jiang

    Felix Jiang

    Managing Director of Space Matrix
  • Frank Krüger

    Frank Krüger

    Creative Director & Partner of
  • Frankie Lui

    Frankie Lui

    Principal & Design Director of Atelier Global
  • Fude Niu

    Fude Niu

    Head of International R&D Center, Sunon


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