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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Wake Me Up! by SHUOKE

Wake Me Up! by SHUOKE
When we saw the theme of hybrid playground, our first reaction was the boundless paradise of nature. Compared with the outdoor activities on the mainland where we live, we have less contact with the ocean. So we want to combine some marine biology and simulation of the underwater environment, so that everyone can experience the wonderful feeling of fish playing in the coral during the interaction with the device. The entire installation is composed of 28 colorful airbags of different sizes, each with its own touch sensor and lighting equipment. When an interactor touches or passes through the air bag, the squeezed or pushed air bag will emit flickering lights accordingly, responding to the interactor in time. When large numbers of people begin to interact with it, the entire installation emits a continuous flow of fluorescent light like a floating coral reef responding to carbon dioxide on the ocean floor. We hope that the real-time swing and light of the airbag can be used from the visual, tactile and sensory levels to allow consumers to feel that their emotions are received and responded to. It’s more like interacting with a living thing than interacting with a device.