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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Urban Rubik's Cube by XU Studio

Urban Rubik's Cube by XU Studio
The radiant Urban Rubik's Cube, designed by XU Studio, is a Hybrid Playground. It can change between various modes, superimpose different contents and business formats, and become an public art exhibition space, an urban leisure pavilion, an urban study room, a street corner flower shop, a square coffee shop, a convenient organic vegetable and fruit stalls, etc. The installation uses a metal frame as the skeleton, with interconnected semitransparent air-supported membrane cubes surrounding the structure and allowing colorful lights to shine through. One of the walls is created by visitors. They receive a balloon, inflate it, hang it, and take photos with the installation to share with friends. Throughout the festival, the vibrant balloons slowly fill the entire cube, allowing the visitors to sitdown and take photos with the installation or even walk into the installation and immerse in the sea of colors. The Urban Rubik's Cube is colorful and vibrant. It doesn't stay in a fixed form. It's evergrowing and erverchanging.



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