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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Jenniverse 「Boundless Meta」Digital Garden Installation by Jenniverse

Jenniverse 「Boundless Meta」Digital Garden Installation by Jenniverse
Born in Spring, Meta come with possibility, blooming in Summer. Jenniverse " Boundless Meta " digital garden installation with purple and green as the theme color, jointly presented the works of six digital artists. The distance between the "life" and "ideology" in the virtual world and the independent "individual" in the real field is infinitely narrowed, the boundary is broken. Concepts such as "life", "ideology", "value" and "identity" at the virtual level gradually emerge, building an unbounded digital social network. Individual consciousness travels between the virtual space and the physical scene, and the boundaries of social activity lines are constantly being broken and stretched. The installation uses "digital art" as a medium to lead the audience into the cross-border and cross-field integration between technology and art, nature and city. When the audience meets the digital garden in the bustling urban area, just like in the trance between virtuality and reality, they look at the virtual world from a "third perspective", thereby more truly feeling the positioning of "self-existence".



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