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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Hybrid Oasis by Swirl Up Design

Hybrid Oasis by Swirl Up Design
We transform the philosophical concept of the growth and return of recyclable materials into tangible art installations. Originally, plastic is used to contain organic or inorganic matter. After being reborn, it is combined with design aesthetics and 3D printing technology and named "Hybrid Oasis." This installation merges with natural plants, becoming both a container and a carrier, and in its endless growth, it seems to transform into a panbiotic entity. 
This symbiotic relationship symbolizes the establishment of a new connection between humans and nature. By showcasing the symbiotic forms of materials and organic life, we aim to inspire a new understanding of recyclable materials and urban spaces. In various cities and public spaces throughout the tour, we will adapt our designs based on the structure and function of each site, continually recycling materials and redesigning. Through the propagation, transformation, and combination of recycled modules, we will integrate with local plants unique to each city, creating urban sustainable art installations with local characteristics. This is also a practical application of the sustainable philosophy behind the Swirl Up project.