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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Fortune Cloud by VISION

Fortune Cloud by VISION
"Fortune Cloud" is an interactive audio-visual installation designed to imbue clouds with vitality while conveying healing power through interaction. Focusing on the concept of "the feeling of healing with no boundaries," it responds to the theme of this art festival. People can interact with the sleeping cloud by touching or gently tapping it. Each mode of interaction provides a unique sensory experience in terms of sound and visuals, as if the cloud is responding to people's touch, using light and sound to heal the soul. This installation not only reflects the spatial aspect of public art but also embodies temporality. As interactions continue, the cloud gradually awakens from its slumber, showcasing a dynamic process of change. Over time, the way the cloud responds also subtly changes. The wooden container shape creates a sense of dislocation, as if it doesn't belong to this place. "Fortune" not only implies transportation but also signifies "bringing good luck," giving the container material a deeper meaning. A "Fortune Cloud" hopes to bring good luck to people during their busy or leisure moments.



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