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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


A foldable home of sustainability by Dayuan Design

A foldable home of sustainability by Dayuan Design
"A foldable home of sustainability " is designed to provide a mobile, compact, and aesthetically pleasing temporary gallery, presenting an artistic perspective on urban sustainable living. The gallery, inspired by the concept of folding, consists of two parts: an external framework that unfolds into a portable urban micro-gallery and a central foldable box that can transform from a nearly flat visual form into a bounded micro-space. The visual form and content of the box adapt according to different exhibitions. The installation is not only an artistic vessel for sustainable living but also a platform that connects with other sustainable projects. This exhibition features denim fabrics collected by Usedem from urban environments, inviting the audience to explore and co-create. It calls for "making the most of things," encouraging people to rekindle their love for past choices, reduce material waste, and discover the joys of sustainable living.



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