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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Flying in the city by MBRS Design and Research Studio

Flying in the city by MBRS Design and Research Studio
"The 'Flight' is a set of urban public interactive installations composed of 'body' and 'wings', designed to provide people with enjoyable gaming and interactive experiences while injecting vibrant dynamics into the surrounding area. For children, 'Flight' may symbolize their unrestrained dreams, while for adults, it may represent the longing for freedom in flight. Each individual harbors their own ideal destination they aspire to reach. The 'Flight' installation encourages individuals to slow down, pause, and appreciate; to engage and liberate themselves; to record moments of joy and share them with others; thereby revitalizing the tranquility of the surrounding environment and altering the inherent impression of the area. This installation integrates considerations of interactivity, playfulness, mechanics, and environmental sustainability, aiming to establish intricate connections between individuals, their inner selves, nature, society, and the urban landscape. In the realm of 'Flight', participants of all ages, genders, and professions are invited to engage freely, as there are no boundaries here, only an ideal sanctuary leading to the deep desires of every individual's heart."



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