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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Brainless Co., Ltd. by Dayangdashu Studio

Brainless Co., Ltd. by Dayangdashu Studio
"After a busy day, fantasize about clearing your brain with just one click? Want to throwing away fatigue and having fun? Brainless Co., Ltd. brings you an unprecedented one-day brain-changing experience! A variety of high-tech new brains, spanning time, transcending species. Today , get a new brain and get into a new world!” In the future world, Brainless Co., Ltd. has develops a brain-changing technology that copies information from different brains and stores it in brain slices for sale. Through the brain-changing machine, people can talk to the brain avatar and temporarily swap the brain information in the brain slice into their own brains. We used installation language and interactive narrative to create the prototype of an imaginary future playground. Participants engage in an exploratory game experience throughout the installation space. The installation explores the popular mentality and topics among contemporary young people, expecting that through "brain changing", people can briefly escape from anxiety and rat race while unlocking new life attitudes, ways of having fun and interests.