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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Between Self and Other by LZA

Between Self and Other by LZA
The design concept of "Between Self and Other" aims to provide visitors with the marvelous experience of entering the mind of a giant, allowing them to feel the transition from material existence to a state of pure spirit. The giant's image is composed of several faces with different characteristics and emotions, overlapping abstractly and using various materials to enhance the diversity of textures. When visitors speak within this mind, different effects from the LED light strips will simulate the chemical reactions of brain neurons under the stimulation of thoughts. In this way, within a dimly lit small environment, combined with the initial suggestion of entering the mind, visitors can imagine themselves entering a spiritual world. In this spiritual world, imagination can transcend the physical limitations of time and space, thereby resonating with the theme of the hybrid playground. Only in the paradise of the spiritual world can the possibility of boundlessness truly be realized.