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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


Art for dog's sake by PREWORK & studio a.round

Art for dog's sake by PREWORK & studio a.round
The project aims to reveal the sympathy, sympoiesis, and symbiosis relationship between humans and their companion animals. Human beings use vision as their primary sense. Human art recognizes viewing as the most important way of perception. However, in other animals, there are more possibilities for perceiving the world, and the surrounding environment can take on different forms in other senses. Our companion animals, with whom we spend so much time, may lead us into multi-sensory experiences. While they depend on us for their lives, they inspire us to change our perspectives and reconceptualize the world. Inspired by dogs' sensation, the exhibition transforms the atrium space into a sensory labyrinth with display elements based on the senses of hearing, smell, touch, and weak vision. Dogs and humans participate in the exhibition together in a relationship of mutual companionship and assistance. They will obtain a complete experience of the exhibition by putting together the sensory information perceived by each of them. For example, humans guide dogs to interact with the exhibits in an orderly manner according to a moving line, and humans will also discover clever designs hidden in the shadows with the feedback of the dogs' quicker sense of smell or hearing.



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