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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2024 Installations


AI Symbiosphere by VAVE Studio

AI Symbiosphere by VAVE Studio
In a closed-loop ecosystem, all living beings share a symbiotic relationship. Cities have to coexist with nature, buildings with green spaces, animals with each other - even humans share a symbiotic bond with other creatures. In the arid season on the desolate eastern lands, a limpid spring glistens like a jewel set upon the vast savannah, the sole oasis for miles around. Here, a wondrous harmony plays out: lions and antelopes drink side-by-side, predators and prey momentarily setting aside their hostilities. Even the wildest beasts seem to know that in front of the only available resource, hierarchies and supremacy are mere fictions. This AI art installation draws from the spring on the African savanna but reimagined within a lush forest setting. As visitors approach the spring, their reflections in the water transform into the image of an animal. In these rippled surfaces, you might see yourself as an antelope, leopard, buffalo, or lion within humanity's complex power structures. Yet confronted by this sole remaining treasure of the earth, such roles become meaningless facades. Here, in this unique sylvan alcove, we all coexist as equal strands in the unbroken tapestry of life.



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