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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2023 Installations


The Unconscious Influence of Others by NO NAME STUDIO

The Unconscious Influence of Others by NO NAME STUDIO
Plug Into the Illusion: Exploring the Unconscious Influence of Others at Xintiandi Design Festival 2023. In the harsh times we are living in today, characterized by lineated relationships and fast-changing information, the corners of our cities are filled with homogenized buildings, fashions ads and more. Everything is becoming cold and homogeneous. This feeling of "lost in space", not knowing where you are, makes people disconnected from their surroundings and can even gradually devour their motivation for life. In response to this, people have started to realize the importance of those invisible connections and links between them. “The Unconscious Influence of Others” is an art installation that seeks to explore this concept. It consists of a white abstract organic shape containing an audio device that emits different waves of sound, causing the black liquid in the middle of the installation to ripple in different shapes. This invisible connection between the audio and the liquid is the core concept of the work - a seemingly imperceptible connection that creates a ripple effect in each person’s social circle. This connection constantly influences one’s emotions and behaviour, thus determining the infinite possibilities of the future.
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