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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2023 Installations


At the Fishhouses by UHi Camp

At the Fishhouses by UHi Camp
"At the Fishhouse" is a public art installation that envisions a city not constantly seeking new land but one that salvages the Plug-in Illusions hidden within its urban fabric. These Plug-in Illusions, found amidst the ordinary, emerge not only from individual actions but also ignite the spirit of the collective and society, offering clues for deciphering societal transformations. By collecting overlooked and discarded "useless items" from Shanghai and Zhoushan, this project invites residents of both cities to co-create, utilizing marine waste as a medium. This collaborative process generates both sounds and imagery, acting as a compass for participants to "drift" around Xintiandi and rediscover their sense of place within the city. Our aim is to encourage all participants to reexamine the porous relationship between art and life, reshaping their five senses through a sensitive and creative lens. By doing so, they can rediscover invisible objects lost in time and explore their connections to memories spanning generations. As time converges with space, diversity endures and continues to integrate with the generations to come.
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