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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2022 Installations


X TREE by MOON Architects X Yang Flora

X TREE by MOON Architects X Yang Flora
Opposite to Taotaoju, Xintiandi Shikumen Block
X TREE art installation explores themes of eternal life, love and nature. Inspired by nature, X TREE metaphorically constructs a series of processes from sowing, rooting, germination, climbing, flowering to fruiting, and forms an organic system with a series of elements such as seeds, roots, trunks, crowns, flowers, and fruits. The DNA double helix is constructed by the co-expression vector of architect MaoYing & floral plant artist YangTou. Wood and wheat straw are the basic units, the simple and natural materials are combined together, just like the shimmer of ordinary people, shining with dazzling light; the wooden double helix is stacked, twisted and supported by the parametric method.



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