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Design Shanghai @Xintiandi Design Festival 2022 Installations


Windbreaker by RooMoo Design Studio

Windbreaker by RooMoo Design Studio
Hubin Dao Jinan Road Entrance
The design of the WINDBREAKER installation is based on a phenomenon found in European cities in the 1970s, in which flâneurs ("saunterers") would walk through urban areas and discretely observe society. The project is made from more than 2000 panels of shapeable clay (Instamorph), a sustainable material, as a response to the expansion of cities. It creates a miniaturized version of the impressions of the people in this new world towards their surroundings people towards their surroundings in the Xintiandi district. The interactivity of moving through the coats in the installation creates an entertaining way to experience such a microcosm.



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